Great Ones

Great Speakers In History

No website about the best speakers in the world would be complete without at least some attention focused on some of the great speakers of the past.

Special Thanks to Topher Morrison for posting the above video on YouTube

Quick Disclaimer about how we chose our list of Great Speakers:

While there have undoubtedly been great speakers in every language around the world, this site focuses primarily on English-speaking speakers.  We have also limited our list of “Great Ones” to speakers who have passed away since there are plenty of “great ones” who are still alive and speaking (and will certainly be featured on this website).  The only problem we face is coming up with examples of speeches for people from history who are reputed to be incredible speakers.  If there are no recordings of them speaking, how can we really put them into the class of great public speakers?


The Great Ones

Our list of “The Great Speakers” from the past includes …

John F. Kennedy

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Winston Churchill

Ronald Reagan

Nelson Mandela

Jim Rohn (How to Have Your Best Year Ever)

Steve Jobs  (Stanford Commencement Address 2005)

Zig Ziglar (Attitude makes all the Difference)


Who did we miss?

Nominate other great speakers by leaving your comment below.  If possible, include a link to an online video of the speaker…



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