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Meeting Planner Sign is designed as a valuable resource for Meeting Planners looking to hire a speaker for an upcoming event.

Our goal is to make you smile knowing that you have made an informed choice of the professional speaker for your next event.  We provide reviews of speakers and their products so you will have a better idea of their background and what they have to offer.


We are always looking for Meeting and Event Planners to give us feedback on this site and how we might make it even more useful to you.  If you would like to help us out (and get updates on the latest speaker reviews) please signup for our email list using the Sign Up NOW button on this page.  We appreciate your insights !



Each speaker review includes a brief background on the speaker along with pictures and video.  You can read all about the strengths and weaknesses of each speaker and determine the one that would be ideal for your event.

In addition, there is the ability to add comments on each speaker page.  These comments can give you additional information beyond the review.  As you might expect, different audiences will have different impressions of a speaker’s style or delivery or even the value of the content.


How to use this site

If you are searching for a particular topic or a specific speaker, you can use the site search function.  This will give you plenty of choices of speakers.

If you are simply looking for an interesting speaker or a skilled speaker, you can browse the recently added speakers or look over the list of speakers who have been reviewed.

What if I don’t find a speaker that I like?

We are constantly adding new speakers to the website so check back often.  You can also leave a comment below with any suggestions that might help you choose a speaker.

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