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What does a professional speaker need to do
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Pro Speaker Review Mailing List SignupThere are two ways to be added to our website.  The first avenue is where we reach out to established speakers in the industry and offer to do a review for them.  Many of these speakers are the “Big Names” and our review can even be anonymous if they have enough representative video of their speeches online.

The second way to become part of is to sign up for our Speaker Review Package.  This includes a profile page and review on our website for the nominal fee of $25.00 USD.

The profile page can include a link back to your own website to help build traffic to your site while also giving you visibility on this site.  There are other promotional opportunities which will also be offered, some of which may have fees, for those speakers who are on

What information do I need to provide?

When you sign up for our mailing list (link here), you will be sent a link to a page where you can download a Word file containing the information we will need for your profile / review page.

How soon will I show up on the site?

We try to review speakers and get them onto our site as quickly as possible.  Once you have signed up, you will have access to our “in-process” list so you can see where you stand in our efforts to get you onto the site.

What if the review is bad or not favorable?

As a speaker, you can handle it a couple different ways.  While we put every effort into making sure our reviews represent unbiased and objective comments on your speech or speeches, it may not always be 100% favorable.  Each speaker has the opportunity to see the review and can decide to request the removal of their review / profile.

Another alternative is to go ahead and publish the less-than-favorable review but leverage your social media and customer list to get other people to comment on your profile.  Having people who do not like your style is not necessarily a bad thing.  Strong feelings often run both ways.  It could be that there are other people who love your style and would “come to your rescue”.  A review that recognizes your [perceived?] shortcomings that is supported by glowing comments by others recognizing your strengths can be a compelling demonstration of your value as a professional speaker.

Other questions?

If you are a professional speaker (or are working to become one), please feel free to add a comment below with any question you might have.  We are here to help !  (Be sure to sign up for our email list too.)


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