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On this page we will provide links to reviews of the products and programs offered by professional speakers.

After they have gotten you energized by their speech, many professional speakers offer additional programs for audience members to purchase. Are these products worthwhile? That all depends.  Is the topic something that you are interested in learning more about?  Is the speaker an expert on the topic or is he or she just presenting other people’s ideas?


Other reasons to purchase a speaker’s program(s)

Many people like to have something to take home with them after they leave an event and often a program, CD or book from the speaker is a great reminder of the fun and education that was involved in the event.  Even if the program or book is never opened, the sentimental aspect should not be discounted.

Product Reviews (by Title & Author/speaker) :

Create your Killer Keynote
by World Champion of Public Speaking, Craig Valentine
(review in process … a link will be provided here when it is completed)

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Would you like your Speaker Product Reviewed?

If you are a professional speaker with a program, product or book that you would like to have us review and then post the review on this site, please send us an email with the details about your product (title, topic, retail price, etc.) to Info@pro-speaker-review.com.  Once we have reviewed the details we will give you an idea of when we will be able to review your product and an address to send a review copy of your product.  Please indicate if you require return of the product and, if so, be sure to provide shipping material and postage.

In terms of scheduling the review of your program, first priority is given to speakers who have been reviewed on this website.  Each product review will include a link to your speaker review as well as a link back to your website.  If we endorse your product, we may even sign up as one of your affiliates.


How do I become a reviewer of speaker products or programs?

If you would like to review speaker products, please apply to be a speaker reviewer on our Reviewer Signup page.



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